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With over 10 years experience in photographic and film production Andrew is a versatile and conscientious professional.  A passion for camera movement and composition has led him to specialise in Steadicam and A Camera Operating in general.  Andrew prides himself on being hard working, easy to collaborate with and determined in delivering the best results possible. 


He is happy to offer the highest quality equipment.  Andrew is able to fly any camera in any configuration.  

Equipment list: 

  • GPI Pro Cinelive Rig 

  • GPI Pro Titan Arm

  • MKV-Omega AR Rotating Cage + Rig

  • Tiffen Steadicam Exovest

  • Walter Klassen Steadicam Vest 

  • Betz Wave 1

  • Tiffen Volt 

  • Walter Klassen Vehicle/Hard Mount 

  • Custom Easy Raptor Rickshaw 

  • Ronin 2 

  • Nodo Wheels 

  • Custom Easy Raptor Arm + Vibration Isolators 

  • 2 x California Sunbounce 4x6' Windkillers

  • 2 x K6 Gyro Kit

  • Arri MK2 Geared Head

  • Inovativ Ranger 48 Cart

  • T5 VW Transport van

Diary | Sara Putt  | + 44 (0)1932 571 044

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