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MK-V Omega AR System

The MK-V Omega System is the perfect addition to a regular Steadicam. Essentially it is an electronically stabilised roll cage, mounted on top of a Steadicam rig allowing for a whole new range of compelling camera moves.

The MK-V Omega rig can perform smooth tracking shots just like a regular Steadicam but In addition gives the operator the ability to switch from high-mode to low-mode, whilst maintaining a perfectly level horizon. The Omega combines the flexibility of a Steadicam with the boom range of a jib arm and as the Steadicam post no longer needs to be kept vertical the camera can now move in 'mid-mode' over and under objects like tables, counters or through window frames with ease. 


In addition, the new iPhone app, developed by Ruben Sluijter, allows the operator to dial in specific camera rotations, custom Dutch angles, and many other unique moves without losing the benefits of the active stabilisation bringing a whole new level of versatility and creative to the AR.

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